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Always in front.

We provide real solutions based on your opinion and needs.


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We tend to be 99% on time, every time you use us as your preferred logistics company.

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Saynor Freight & Logistics

Best-In-Service Transport Solutions For Your Company

Experience agility and innovation when working with Saynor Freight and Logistics. Our transport services are transparent and effective. We believe in people and our team of experts go the extra mile to offer customised solutions to our valued customers. Together, we can improve your international logistics.

Always in front.

We provide real solutions based on your opinion and needs.

We do logistics, the simplest step of the whole process:

Making your logistics efficient and simple is our specialty.

Our Services

We understand the urgency of your processes, and we have flexible solutions for air freight.

• Present in all airports, we always choose the most agile solution for your shipment.

• We offer flexibility in temperature-controlled cargo logistics, dangerous cargoes (DGR) and for perishable goods.

• To arrange transportation of lightweight materials of many tons, count on our experience and precise follow-up.

In daily synergy with leading carriers, we are increasing the volume of containers handled in the main:

• South Africa: Durban – Port Elizabeth Ports
• Mozambique: Maputo – Beira – Nacala Ports

We guarantee the best solutions for our customers.

Our extensive experience adds agility to the cargo flow of your company. We managed to combine the best conditions and ideal transit time to increase your productivity.

Flexibility and precise follow-ups are our differentials:

• FCL :
Standard Dry Containers: 20’DV, 40’DV and 40’HC;
Reefer Containers: 20’RF, 40’RF and 40’HR;
Open Top Container: 20’OT and 40’OT;
Flat Rack Containers: 20’FR and 40’FR;
Isotanks e Flexitanks;
RO/RO, Break-bulk;


• Door-to-door service

To complement your import/export process for your domestic transport, we offer full transparency for all road dealings and support for storage. We always provide complete solutions.

For international road transportation, we provide integrated logistics with tracking on frontier customs clearance and services for each need.

With our highly qualified professionals on the job, we guarantee complete assistance throughout the entirety of each process.

We enable the transport of your project cargo with our great operational structure and daily monitoring.

We work based on the main terminals and trucking companies. After reviewing your materials, our team delivers a detailed scope of the ideal service for your project.

We are specialised in demands from big industries and serve with:
• Special equipment.
• Cranes.
• Truck escort services.
• Downgraded boards.
• Information about the need for restrictions and special permits.

We offer coverage according to your product and value-added operation.

During the request of international insurance, your company may request all the details from our sales department. We will have the correct direction and proper guidance for your product.

We provide the care that your cargo needs!

Safety from start to finish!

With your international freight, it is essential to have precise customs monitoring.

Our team provides agile solutions for a seamless release process, thus saving time for your company during customs clearance. This brings peace-of-mind to your staff who are free to take care of internal processes.

We will, as standard procedure, not only focus on the release of your export or import cargo but can offer complete assistance to keep you satisfied. 

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Mozambique Office

PO Box 1509
25 September Avenue

Contact Number:
+258 873 003 590

Suby Village, Bergvliet
Cape Town

Head Office Address

2A Bontebok Street
1340 MP

Contact Number:
+27 827 446 790
+27 737 535 699

Southern African - SADC Regions

Operations South Africa 7/24 Hours:
+27 827 446 790

Operations Mozambique 7/24 Hours:
+258 823 003 560

Mobile Kenya Operations:
+254 748 361 068

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